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  • Energy Storage Device

    TAI SAM can provide a series of energy storage equipment hardware parts solutions, including locks and Carrying handles ,required for battery energy storage systems, to meet the application needs of energy storage enterprises and power transmission and distribution industries in different fields, in line with international high standards Specification...

  • EV Charging Equipment

    In response to the substantial increase in the market share of electric vehicles, the demand for charging piles is also increasing. In recent years, YOESHIN has also jointly developed locks and hinges for charging piles with many international manufacturers. The products have passed salt spray tests. High and low-temperature tests. Waterproof Dust-proof level test and various functional tests, in the hinge part, it also solves the need for quick disassembly and maintenance of the door panel and develops a variety of detachable heavy-duty hidden hinges...

  • Communication Equipment

    With the popularization of smart city construction, Tai Sam provides a variety of hardware industrial locks to meet the needs of outdoor equipment and solve the original application-side operational problems, such as damping hinge-supports the door panel when it is opened, allowing maintenance personnel to save the time of fixing the door panel and the cost of supporter parts; in addition, there is Passive Electronic lock with its power supply by key, which overcomes the problem that managers need to prepare a large number of mechanical keys.

  • Solar Equipment

    With the advent of the era of green economy, the world promotes the construction of green energy, and implements and increases the proportion of renewable energy, The importance of solar energy equipment is self-evident. It needs to be placed in various outdoor environments with strong sunlight, such as the coast with high salt content, and extreme climate areas with great temperature difference between day and night. The material of stainless steel 316 Industrial Latches and the compression type lock are developed by Yoeshin technical team...

  • Data Centre Racks

    We have developed a variety of low-cost, quick-install server cabinet locks to improve users' economic benefits. And Hidden Hinges, the hinges can't be seen from the outside of the box, increasing the anti-theft performance, and there are many specifications to choose from.

    When designing cabinets, mechanism engineers can easily find suitable products by screening the product conditions on our website...

  • Heavy Electric

    Locking solutions for switchboards and control boxes The protection of data and products is increasingly important.

    Tai Sam industrial locking system can provide high-strength protection against accidental opening and environmental damage, especially in industrial environments. We can provide the best solution.

    For more than 20 years, we have been innovating in product manufacturing...

  • Industrial Equipment

    Industrial Cabinet Locks apply to Industrial Equipment TAI SAM products can be used in Switchboard, Server Cabinets, chassis, IT and network cabinets, data centers, industrial machinery, equipment hardware, switchboards.

    TAI SAM's electronic lock system can effectively manage the security mechanism of the access authority of the IDC computer room, and can display the alarm, opening and closing time on the terminal device to solve the problem of man-made damage to the traditional locks...

  • Hospital & Medical Treatment Equipment

    Toggle Latches and 180 Degree Hinges apply to Hospital & Medical Treatment Equipment TAI SAM's products can be used in hospital equipment and medical treatment equipment.

    Medical equipment parts require high reliability, low noise, corrosion resistance, small and light weight, TAI SAM has developed a variety of best-selling fasteners and hinges with the efforts of a professional R&D team. For example, torque hinges can help medical monitoring screen equipment angle adjustable positioning...

  • Vehicles & Transportation

    Latch Locks and Heavy Duty Hinges apply to Vehicles

    TAI SAM's products can be used in special vehicles, buses, trucks, vehicle components, RV, electric vehicles.

    For hardware products for special vehicles such as buses, vans, and container trucks, we recommend products according to the purpose and usage conditions, which can improve work efficiency, safety, durability and weather resistance. In addition, TAI SAM is also actively developing high-tech products without its own power supply type electronic locks...

  • Marine

    Draw Latches and Concealed Hinges apply to Marine

    TAI SAM's products can be used in marine hardware, ships.

    Marine uses stainless steel 316 mostly, with high salt spray resistance, high strength and service life requirements. We have developed a variety of special products and sold for more than 15 years. The market share of the yacht industry in Taiwan has grown steadily every year, successfully helping related industries to reduce Purchase cost and maintenance cost...

  • Food Industry Equipment

    Industrial handles and lift off hinges apply to food industry equipment

    TAI SAM's products can be used in food industry equipment.

    Most of the materials required by the food machinery industry are stainless steel 304 or 316. TAI SAM has also developed a variety of humidity-resistant and high-temperature-resistant door locks and accessories for food machinery and equipment, which meet industry standards and specifications, and have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple installation and operation...


One-stop service for industrial locking system

TAI SAM Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive lock hardware solutions that are formulated according to client needs. At present, we are supplying our lock hardware to more than 80% of the industrial enclosure makers in Taiwan and we have entered the global market for 20 years.

TAI SAM’s door hardware products include electronic door locks, cylinder cabinet locks, rotary handle cabinet locks, tubular cam locks, panel locks, pulls, latches, door stops, hinges, leg levelers, casters, knobs, toggles and buckles, rubber seal products, Widely used in communication cabinets, electrical distribution cabinets, automation equipment, railway equipment, network cabinets, electronic cabinets, communication vehicles, engineering machinery vehicles, generators, ships, automobiles, industrial machinery, housings, medical equipment, food equipment and other equipment in the industry.