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*Smart IOT- connected by Tai Sam*

As an industrial cabinet electronic lock manufacturer in Taiwan, Tai Sam provides a variety of smart electronic locks used for industrial standard cabinets and access control security systems. 

Advantage of Industrial Cabinet Electronic Lock 
  1. Integrated Sensor: The electronic lock is equipped with an integrated sensor that can detect the status of the door lock ensuring accurate monitoring of whether the cabinet is securely locked or not.
  2. Remote Control: The smart electronic lock comes with remote control capabilities, allowing authorized personnel to operate and manage the lock remotely adding convenience and flexibility to the access control system.
  3. Monitoring Function: In addition to remote control, the lock features monitoring functionality lets administrators or security personnel monitor the lock status in real-time, enhancing security measures.
  4. Alarm Function: The lock also includes an alarm function, which can be activated in case of unauthorized access attempts or other security breaches as an additional layer of protection and helps in quickly responding to security incidents.
  5. Independent or Series Usage: The lock can be used independently on a single cabinet or integrated into a series of cabinets with synchronized access control, scalability allows for versatile deployment in different cabinet setups.
  6. IP65 Protection Rating: The industrial cabinet electronic lock offers a high level of resistance against dust and water ingress makes it suitable for use in various environments, including industrial settings where exposure to harsh conditions is common.
  7. Special Tools and Mechanical Key: For added security and emergency access, the lock is accompanied by special tools that facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting also includes a mechanical key option for manual unlocking in situations such as power outages or system malfunctions.
We also developed with international brand customers for GPS electronic locks, Bluetooth electronic locks, and WIFI electronic locks. Aiming at application fields such as "5G outdoor", "IIoT", and "Charging Pile". Tai Sam Corporation continues to develop new applications of Smarter IoT Solution Services to achieve more diverse and complete smart lock control management solutions for you.