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Cylindrical locks and cam lock cylinders are manufactured by Tai Sam Corporation, including Cam lock, Compression type door lock, Shockproof door lock, Outdoor box lock, Double wing type compression type door lock, Push to close lock, automatic door lock, Mechanical key lock, Quarter turn Latches, Compression latches, Tubular locks, stainless steel cylinder cam locks, Wing knob cam latch, Push lock, Padlockable cam latch, High anti-theft type lock. Stainless steel cam locks core available in 5000 different key combinations. Some industrial cam lock products can install padlocks by user, enhance anti-theft requirements, products are used in vending machines, automation equipment, semiconductor equipment, industrial chassis IPC, server cabinet, outdoor distribution box, MCC cabinet, server, track equipment. Stainless steel SUS316 material high salt spray resistance has been widely used in the ship yacht industry, Compression type lock is beneficial to the cabinet door panel shock-proof and noise-reducing seal enhancement. Various materials and surface treatments are available, in most small and medium-sized door panel applications, the quarter-turn cylinder lock fromTai Sam Corporation is a high-quality solution to prevent unauthorized access.