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Compression type flat lock which use the principle of leverage or add a spring compression inside the lock body to make this kind of door lock produce compression torque at the clamping position, provide dust-proof or waterproof sealing, and have the function of clamping the door frame to prevent noise and vibration. Tai Sam Corporation’s compression latch product line provides a variety of solutions to ensure a close fit installation of the door panel and frame. A variety of opening methods can be selected, such as one-finger quick press to open or fingers to lift the handle to open, some products can reach IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection level. Tai Sam Corporation continues to develop more high-protection locks up to IP68, and we look forward to your design reference suggestions. product advantages:

  • User quick installation and operation.
  • IP65 grade sealed, dustproof and waterproof.
  • Eliminate vibration and noise.
  • There are two options of lock core and no lock core.
  • The clamping depth can be adjusted to compensate for changes in object size tolerances.
  • Pass product testing and meet inspection standards.
  • Various surface treatment options.
We provide ODM/OEM customized services, with Tai Sam Corporation R&D team participating in design suggestions. Please download the 3D drawing of the product that you are interested in immediately to simulate the state of the whole machine after installation.