EV Charging Equipment

TAI SAM has jointly developed charging pile casing hardware accessories with many international manufacturers. With the vigorous development of the energy storage business, we will develop more high-quality and high-durability EV charger enclosure hardware to satisfy customer needs.

Charging pile casing locks and equipment hinges, guarding your charging piles against extreme environmental challenges.

Nowadays, electric vehicles are accelerating in popularity worldwide, so the popularization of charging stations is an inevitable trend. According to predictions by a renowned international research company, the number of DC charging piles worldwide is expected to exceed 2.1 million by 2035. In pursuit of a modern, convenient, and safe lifestyle, TAI SAM will combine charging pile lock heads and concealed quick-release hinges to provide reliable safety lock protection for charging piles. Our innovative EV charger enclosure hardware has passed strict testing standards and offers multiple advantages including passing salt spray tests, high-low temperature tests, waterproof and dustproof tests, as well as lifespan tests ensuring top-level safety and convenience for your charging piles. 

Explore three unique advantages of our enclosure hardware tailored for charging pile casing to gain a comprehensive understanding of its functions.

1. Passed Multiple Strict Tests; Excellent Quality Assured

The locks and hinges for the charging pile casing are products under strict quality control that have passed salt spray tests, high-low temperature tests, waterproof/dustproof tests as well as lifespan tests ensuring their exceptional durability and reliability.

2. Customizable Lock Cores Enhancing Management Security

The lock head of the charging pile casing can be customized with different numbered cores according to needs allowing exclusive core configurations for various charging scenarios and enhancing security management.

3. Equipped with Lock Core Protective Cover Extending Product Lifespan

Another impressive feature is that the lock core exterior of the rod lock is equipped with a stainless steel protective rotating cover not only enhancing aesthetics but effectively preventing dust, rainwater, and other external factors from entering extending the product lifespan.

Successful Application of Charging Pile Casing Hardware Accessories 

Our products undergo rigorous testing and quality management ensuring excellent reliability and safety; customizable cores coupled with protective rotating covers further enhance product practicality and lifespan making our locks/hinges your optimal choice.

EV Charging station lock and hinge. EV Charger station lock - 3 point lockinging system LOCK
EV Charging Pile Casing Hardware Accessories