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The quarter-turn lock is a design that can be opened by rotating the baffle 90 degrees. It is widely used as a convenient solution for small and medium-sized box equipment. The user terminal opens and closes the door panel by hand or with a key or tool.
Tai Sam corporation 1/4 turn cylinder cam locks have a variety of appearances, which meet the requirements of different functional installations in the industry. There are international standard tool type lock cores, double-wing handles, padlocks can be added, T-handles, different numbers of locks Heart type, knob type and special tool type lock core.
The raw materials used in the product manufacturing process: zinc alloy ingots or stainless steel. Each batch of incoming materials has been completely inspected to ensure that the product life and durability are up to the standard. The baking varnish and electroplating surface treatment that meets the RoHS specification are produced by Tai Sam Corporation Marketing in dozens of countries around the world and more than ten years of competitive advantage.
Quarter Turn Cam Latch can be used as a locking mechanism for numerous applications to hold closed all sorts, find the right product for your next project. More product size specifications as follow.