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The L-shaped handle lock made of PA plastic material is developed according to environmental conditions and lightweight design. It is suitable for thick doors and can be opened or closed within 90 degrees of rotation of the handle. PA handle latch products are RoHS compliant.
Adding a proper amount of glass fiber material to the PA material makes Tai Sam Corporation plastic handle lock to improve the strength and toughness, and it is not easy to be brittle and break, and it has passed the industry standard life test. It is universal for opening left and right doors.
Tai Sam Corporation has developed a variety of functional PA plastic handle locks, like compression function. In addition, a roller-type baffle was developed. When the baffle is in the box, the door is closed by the soft force of the roller sliding, which solves the problem of paint peeling and rust caused by the friction between the baffle and the inner side of the frame.
This product is suitable for thick door panels of refrigerators and air-conditioning boxes.