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Lift & Turn latches are the most widely used industrial cabinet locks. The handle is designed in a flat design. When in use, press the button to make the handle bounce or lift the handle to complete the opening or closing, so as to optimize the appearance of the door panel of the object.
Product development is made of a variety of materials: zinc alloy or stainless steel 316 material, each batch of incoming materials has been fully inspected to ensure that the product life and durability are up to the standard, and the RoHS compliant paint surface treatment can be used for special application environmental conditions. It is a special high salt spray surface treatment for the client, and the high salt spray resistance test reaches 720HR.
The Lift and Turn Latches designed by Tai Sam Corporation has multiple access methods include press to open, password unlock to open, directly lift the handle and rotate to open, some products can be equipped with a padlock to enhance the anti-theft function.
The whole series of products have passed the reliability and durability test verification. For further information, please contact us(info@tai-sam.com.tw) immediately.