Solar Equipment

With the advent of the era of green economy, the world promotes the construction of green energy, implements and increases the proportion of renewable energy.

The importance of solar energy equipment is self-evident. It needs to be placed in various outdoor environments with strong sunlight, such as the coast with high salt content, and extreme climate areas with great temperature difference between day and night. The material of stainless steel 316 Industrial Latches and the compression type lock are developed by Yoeshin technical team. through the IP65 protection level, ensures the durability and reliability of the terminal equipment. It is expected to contribute to the sustainable protection of the environment.

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In the current trend of pursuing environmental protection and renewable energy, the application of solar equipment is gradually expanding. These expensive and important solar equipment storage and distribution boxes need to be effectively protected to ensure their long-term operation and performance. Considering the need to be placed in various outdoor environments with strong sunlight, such as high-salt coastlines, extreme climate zones with large temperature differences between day and night, the TAI SAM technology team has developed stainless steel 316 material and forced compression type door lock buckles, which have passed the IP65 protection level, to ensure the durability of the terminal equipment, and hope to contribute to the protection of the environment and sustainability.

1. IP65 protection level:

all-round blocking of external threats The stainless steel lock has a high IP65 protection level, which provides all-round closed protection for the solar equipment, effectively resisting various external threats. This means that the lock has superior dust-proof performance and can resist high-pressure water spraying, ensuring that the solar equipment can operate smoothly in various environments. Whether it is in the high-temperature baking in the desert or the humid and rainy environment, it can reliably guard your solar equipment and ensure its long service life.

2. Stainless steel 316 material:

sturdy, durable, and corrosion-resistant Stainless steel 316 is a high-quality stainless steel material, with excellent corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance. This special stainless steel alloy is widely used in marine environments, and its corrosion resistance makes it one of the best choices in the industry. Professional stainless steel industrial locks use stainless steel 316 material to ensure the strength and durability of the lock, even if it is exposed to extreme environments for a long time, it can maintain excellent performance. This corrosion-resistant feature makes the lock more suitable for coping with various climate and environmental challenges that solar equipment may face.

3. Resist harsh environmental climate:
ice and snow, wind and sand, high and low temperature, no lock fear Solar equipment is often installed in various extreme environments, including cold polar regions, hot deserts, windy mountains, etc. The waterproof and sealed industrial lock has excellent anti-environmental climate performance, ensuring that it can maintain excellent operation status in any extreme weather. Whether it is freezing cold weather, sandstorm in the desert, or high temperature and heat, these locks can reliably guard the solar equipment and ensure its long-term and stable performance.
When designing solar equipment, the use of stainless steel waterproof industrial locks is your most reassuring choice. IP65 protection level, stainless steel 316 material, and excellent anti-environmental climate performance make your solar equipment more sturdy and durable.

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