Server Rack Lock and Cabinet Lock

The server cabinet electronic lock can effectively manage the security mechanism of IDC room access permissions and can display alarm messages and opening/closing times on terminal equipment, solving problems caused by human damage to traditional locks.

TAI SAM developed a variety of low-cost, quick-install server cabinet locks and server rack door locks to enhance the economic benefits for users.  During the cabinet design process, mechanical engineers can filter through server cabinet lock options on our website to easily find suitable products. Also can provide schematic designs of server cabinet mechanisms; our R&D department will select and recommend the most appropriate server cabinet locks for you. 

Innovative Server Cabinet and Rack Locks Technology

In data center operations, ensuring data security has always been the primary task. Traditional mechanical locks rely on mechanical keys to open and close, who opened it? Who destroyed it? It is often unknown. When important data cabinets are damaged, it causes a huge loss.

so the design of the cabinet lock system and how they work together to provide efficient and comprehensive security protection to cope with increasingly complex security challenges and ensure that data centers are free from potential is what every data center manufacturer pays attention to.

TAI SAM provides the latest cabinet lock technology including biometric technology, password lock, etc. and has a built-in sensor to detect the door lock status, with remote control, monitoring and alarm functions, can be used independently or in series, IP65 protection level, with special tools and mechanical keys, and can also be opened manually with emergency keys when power is cut off.

We will look forward to the future trends of cabinet lock technology. Continue to develop new technologies, expand the development of intelligence, and predict and cope with the possible greater challenges of data center security protection in the future provide more comprehensive and intelligent server cabinet electronic locks for high-end data center cabinets.

Data Center Server Cabinet Electronic Lock and Rack Lock