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Rotary Draw Latch can lock and hold two objects. In addition, the all-metal structure combines a durable rotating cam design and an easy-to-pull handle design to provide a firm grip, keep the panel closed uniformly, and prevent accidental opening. While turning the wing-shaped handle, it also drives the lock tongue in front of the box buckle, eliminate the advantages of tolerance problems due to sheet metal manufacturing.
The types of rotary box buckle series include butterfly box buckle latch with key lock, keyless box buckle latch, pull box buckle lock with padlock hole, and rotary pull latch with lock core.
Material can choose steel material or stainless steel 304 material, the whole series of products are RoHS compliant, and there is no restriction on the installation direction.
Lift the handle and rotate it to open the Lift and Turn design, which provides compression and grip, effectively preventing vibration or accidental opening by personnel. Some products are loaded with springs to prevent shock and vibration from opening.
Our rotary draw latch can be applied to automation equipment, vehicles, military equipment, air conditioning equipment, industrial enclosures, Industrial machinery, machine tools, traffic box, flight box, tool box, communication equipment, control panel, cabinet door, mechanical equipment and containers and ships.