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The Tubular-push-lock is a cylindrical lock that allows the user to close the object with a single operation. For example: Push directly or press with one finger to lock and close the door panel of the object. When unlocking, you only need to insert the key and rotate it to open.
Simplify the action of turning the key back to the closing point when the traditional round lock closes the door panel, because there are many cases where the user forgets or misses the key and leaves the device, which leads to loopholes in the security of device management and develops this kind of impact the optimized design of the closed type can easily solve the problem of forgetting to lock.
A variety of appearances and specifications are available. The designer can easily choose the suitable product according to the size of the box door panel and the clamping depth of the door frame. The 3D drawing file in the Tai Sam corporation  product official website can be directly downloaded and inserted into the drawing before you design. Simulation to ensure that there is no interference or other problem.
A variety of lock core styles are available, round tube keys, traditional keys and tool keys can be adapted to the needs of users, no minimum order quantity limit, 1 pcs and 10,000 pcs , we all can accept order.