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Tai Sam Corporation provides a complete selection of aluminum alloy L-shaped handle handle locks. The handle lock (also known as L-shaped handle latch) is a product specially developed for power distribution boards,  and cabinets that need to be equipped with padlocks. In this category, our products are suitable for heavy-duty door panels, which can be used for both left and right opening.
Compared with other zinc alloy handle locks, aluminum alloy material is more lightweight and reduces the overall weight of the equipment. Tai Sam Corporation is more committed to mass manufacturing, reducing production costs, and has a strong price advantage, allowing users to reduce the cost of high-end product applications.
Our L-shaped handle latch products have been tested for more than 10,000 times of life.
A padlock style can be added to improve the anti-theft of the device. It can be matched with the size of the door panel. In addition, our products can also match the design of the client connecting rod. Pull up the handle to unlock it, and press the handle to make the continuous return to compression state, keep the door panel sealed, customers can OEM special specifications.
Continue to refine and optimize product functions to provide our customers with innovative industrial door entry solutions. Tai Sam Corporation aluminum alloy handle lock is characterized by simple installation, convenient operation, safety, stability, and light weight.