Established in 1997, TAI SAM International Co., Ltd. is a large-scale industrial enclosure cabinet lock company and cabinet lock manufacturers. Our main products include industrial cabinet locks, electronic locks, hinges, handles, gaskets, leveling, casters, door stay, fans and more. These products are applicable to all kinds of cabinets, ships, semi-conductor equipment, medical equipment, railway track equipment, machinery sheet metal, etc.
We have the most comprehensive testing equipment and the most reliable quality assurance system in the field of cabinet lock industry. We have professional R&D technical team which designs customized products. We also have several new innovative products and patents. Using the original products from TAI SAM International Co., Ltd. can ensure that your company has the best and stable supply chain. With our reasonable price and stable supply, we are able to help your company create excellent advantage and thereby enhancing competitiveness.
 * The most competitive price, accurate delivery date
 * Strict quality control QC to ensure product quality
 * Professional institutional design (Official website provides  3D file download)
 * Perfect service, unlimited MOQ, provide free samples
 * Provide product technical information and  feasible solutions

We have a number of industrial facility performance project around the world. Having a rigorous quality management system and sophisticated environmental management process, we can ensure that each product meets the conditions of industrial applications.

If you are looking for high quality locks and security solutions, TAI SAM is your best choice. We provide a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of our customers.


ESG is an important assessment of sustainability and social impact in company operations. TAI SAM attaches a great importance to the implementation of ESG in order to reduce its environmental impact, improve its social practice and enhance its governance structure. It commits to continue in practicing of ESG sustainability and social responsibility.