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With the popularization of smart city construction, the demand for terminal equipment such as smart street lights, intelligent transportation management, and 5G outdoor base stations has increased significantly. TAI SAM provides a variety of industrial lock hardware to meet the needs of outdoor and indoor equipment, solving the operational problems of the original application end, such as customers who originally used door struts and hinges, now only need to choose damping hinges - open to support the door panel, which can save the maintenance time and the cost of installing additional strut parts.

The electronic round lock that does not require its own power source overcomes the trouble of management personnel needing to prepare a bunch of mechanical keys and the installation personnel do not need to wire inside and outside the box. Managers only need an electronic key to complete the task, while solving the detection alarm notification when the equipment is anti-theft.

Communication equipment safety protection solutions of “cabinet locks/hinges/sealing strips”

In the communication equipment industrial cabinet, safety requirements are an indispensable element. We explore the security challenges faced by communication equipment and how industrial metal door locks and hinges become the core of the solution.

Equipment safety protection needs:

a. Data protection and storage:

Communication equipment stores huge data, including personal information and confidential corporate data. Security needs to ensure that these data are properly protected, prevent unauthorized access and data leakage, Xin provides high theft-proof, multiple locking protection mechanisms of industrial door locks and concealed hinges to prevent arbitrary dismantling.

b. Physical protection:v

ommunication equipment often needs to be placed in various environments, including indoor machine rooms and outdoor base stations. Therefore, the selection of hardware needs to consider physical protection, to resist weather, theft and destruction and other external threats, high salt resistance, dust-proof and waterproof IP grade, are the designer’s selection focus, if you are not sure how to choose? You are welcome to contact us at any time, let Xin’s technical team recommend suitable products for you.

c. Anti-interference:

The normal operation of communication equipment requires a stable power supply and communication environment. Hardware must have good anti-interference, to ensure that the equipment can operate stably in various situations.

Industrial hardware solutions:

a. Use of strong materials:

Using high-strength, corrosion-resistant metal materials, to ensure that the equipment can maintain reliable durability in various environments, while using high-end surface treatment to protect the internal components.

b. Advanced sealing technology:

Using advanced sealing gel coating technology, on the inner side of the cabinet lock, adhering to the surface of the sheet metal, using automated dispensing machines to apply foaming sealing glue, protecting the equipment from dust, moisture and other external elements from entering through the lock hardware installation holes, ensuring the stability of the internal electronic components.

c. Intelligent security system:

Integrate intelligent security system, including fingerprint recognition, password lock, card sensing, provide multi-level security protection, ensure that only authorized personnel can access communication equipment. Xin International’s hardware door locks and industrial hinge installation solutions not only cope with the security challenges faced by communication equipment, but also provide comprehensive protection, providing the best solution for the safety and reliability requirements of communication equipment cabinets.
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