Go Beyond

TAI SAM invests 15% of net profit every year in research and development of new products to meet the current end customer requirements of high quality/durable product life/cost control. TAI SAM’s RD technical team has been committed to new product developments and existing product improvements. In terms of product reliability, we are also committed to implementing various tests to confirm and earn various product certifications, such as RoHS/REACH hazardous substance testing, product shock resistance, vibration resistance, drop testing, high and low temperature cycle testing, IP Grade test, salt spray test and tensile and compressive strength test, etc. We carry out sampling inspection before mass products ship out from the factory to ensure that the products can meet customer quality requirements.

Professional Design

TAI SAM’s RD department can collaborate with the customer’s RD team to design and put forward effective suggestions and solutions – DFM review and confirmation before mold opening, material and product structural strength and size recommendations, to ensure quality reliability (QC control plan) during mass production, and greatly shorten development schedule. TAI SAM is not only committed to OEM/ODM, we are also committed to RD and design of our own products; we can work closely with your RD engineers, and our RD team will provide design assistance when necessary to achieve the best usability and selection. Our expertise in product development enables us to advise you on materials, manufacturing, functionality, and a variety of finishes to meet your needs for product performance, appearance, and budget.

3D Modeling and Rapid Prototyping

Providing a complete range of the standard products, and customers can quickly select the applicable parts and directly apply the 3D drawing on the official website for simulation evaluation to save time in mold opening and self-drawing to greatly reduce the time working on selecting mechanism parts.

Analysis Test

The overall planning of the self-owned laboratory allows products to be tested according to the performance requirements put forward by the customers and provide various inspection reports with efficiency, overcoming the long waiting time that orginally needs to be sent out to a third-party laboratory, and the inspection fixtures are fully prepared in the factory to enhance efficiency. In response to the increasing functionality and product life requirements of outdoor box equipment, we can customize the standard products with self-developed surface treatment process to high-resistance salt spray surfaces in batches and pass the salt spray test 240~720HR or above; in addition, acid and alkali resistance requirements can also be met.

The company regards quality as the top priority, which is also the basis of TAI SAM's long-term development, and we continue to provide customers with a variety of solutions and technical cooperations to meet the different needs of global customers.