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Tai Sam Corporation provides a complete selection of J-handle stainless steel handle locks. The stainless steel handle lock ( L-shaped handle latch) is a product specially developed for harsh environments, such as outdoors and seaside. In this category, our products are suitable for heavy-duty door panels and can be used with both left and right hands.
Compared with general zinc alloy handle locks, stainless steel 316 is more durable and more suitable for high temperature, humidity, and high salt spray environments. Tai Sam Corporation is more committed to mass manufacturing, reducing production costs, and has a strong price advantage, allowing users to reduce the cost burden on high-end product applications.
Our stainless steel L-handle latch products have been tested for more than 10,000 times of life cycle. Diversified types, there are lock core styles, no lock core styles, to match the size of the installation door panel, the handle length has a variety of length standards to choose from, in addition, our products can accept special specifications customized by customers and to provide our customers with innovative industrial door entry solutions.
Tai Sam Corporation stainless steel handle lock. It is characterized by simple installation, convenient operation, safety, stability, vibration resistance and high sealing. Please check our products below.