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This is a stainless steel  compression handle with a powerful sealing function. It has excellent corrosion resistance and is RoHS compliant. When the handle is rotated, it can simultaneously apply pressure to the door panel and the door frame to form a sealed state. It is universal for left and right doors. It is suitable for ships, ovens, freezers, biological laboratory equipment, medical equipment, automation equipment, etc. This kind of stainless steel compression seal handle is recommended to be installed and used with the door sealing strip provided by Tai Sam Corporation. Because the use of sealing gasketing can achieve the best compression and sealing effect. Compared with general iron compression handles, The material of stainless steel 316 is more durable and more suitable for harsh environments such as high and low temperatures, humidity, and high salt spray.
A variety of shapes and sizes are available, and Tai Sam Corporation  also accept special specifications customized.
The stainless steel compression handle is designed with screws from the front or inside to provide users with a more comprehensive installation method. The stylish and streamlined shape, solid feel and corrosion resistance make the stainless steel airtight handle door lock a sealed and safe application the best choice, such as semiconductor equipment, food machinery or sealed oven doors. In addition, the hand-polished stainless steel air-tight handle surface treatment ensures that the high appearance performance of the product is improved in industrial equipment applications.