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Tai Sam Corporation produce flat locks, including: compression-tight  flat lock, flat handle lock, Lift and turn latch, pull-type door lock, push-lock type flat lock, Quick snap in Latch, Combination Lock, Waterproof latch, Swing handle latches, 3-point latches, Lever latches, password lock. A variety of products with push-in locking function, the door panel can be pushed and to close, the compression type flat lock has IP65 waterproof and dustproof grade, adjustable cam grip, offset dimension tolerance after bending parts, with anti-vibration seal  advantage.
Tai Sam corporation developed a variety of stainless steel SUS316 material door locks for outdoor power distribution cabinets, products used in computer servers, communications equipment, computer room industrial cabinets, switchboards, medical equipment, vehicles, rail trains, bus buses, construction machinery, machine tools, food machinery equipment, cabinet sheet metal fittings.