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Professional industrial hinge manufacturers all kinds of hinges from Tai Sam Corporation. The types include: screw-fixed hinges, detachable hinges, exterior hinges and concealed hinges, Lift-off hinges, Constant torque hinge, position control hinge, stainless steel SUS316 hinges, concealed hinges, damping hinges, positioning hinges, Freezer hinges, heavy duty hinges, stainless steel hinges, plastic hinges, zinc alloy hinges, aluminum alloy hinges and other industrial hinges. Damped positioning hinges, constant torque and positioning functions, can be fixed at any angle. Recommend the most suitable industrial hardware hinge for you by Tai Sam corporation. Products are used in: vending machines, automation equipment, semiconductor equipment, industrial chassis IPC, servo cabinets, outdoor distribution boxes, MCC cabinets, servers, track equipment, computer servers, communication equipment, Computer room industrial cabinet, switchboard, medical equipment, vehicle, rail train, bus bus, construction machinery, machine tool, food machinery equipment, military equipment box.