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An industrial hinge, often referred to simply as a hinge, is a mechanical device that allows two objects, typically doors, or gates, to rotate or pivot on a fixed axis. They are critical components in many industrial cabinets and doors.
As an industrial hinge manufacturer specializing in the production of various types of hinges, TAI SAM provides a variety type of industrial cabinet and door hinges and can provide customized industrial hinge services. If you need customized industrial cabinets and door hinges, please feel free to write to us!

Calculate maximum torque according to the following formula before selecting a damper hinge.

Industrial Cabinet and Door Hinges Types

There are several types of industrial hinges, each providing different strength, durability, safety and functionality. The following are the industrial hinge products provided by TAI SAM.

  1. Butt Hinges ( Exposed Hinge )
    These are the most common type of hinge and have two rectangular leaves, one attached to the door frame and the other to the door so that they can be rotated between. butt hinges offer several advantages, including durability, versatility, ease of installation, security, and smooth operation. But have a limited range of motion, visible fasteners,  and are less easy to install etc disadvantage.
  2. Concealed Hinges
    Also known as invisible hinges, these are designed to be hidden from view when the door is closed,  concealed hinges are a versatile and popular choice for a wide range of industrial applications, a combination of discreet design, security, and durability. Whether in heavy machinery, cabinets, doors, or automotive applications, concealed hinges provide an elegant and functional solution.
  3. Lift-Off Hinges
    Also known as slip-joint hinges or detachable hinges it allows for easy removal of doors or panels without having to unscrew or dismantle the hinge from the frame. They are designed with a pin or rod that runs through the hinge, allowing the door or panel to be lifted off the hinge when needed often used in equipment cabinets, machinery access panels, electrical enclosures, and other applications where maintenance, repairs, or modifications.
  4. Damping Torque Hinges
    Torque hinges are mechanical devices for controlling the movement of doors, panels, or lids in various applications and can provide several benefits, including noise reduction, and added security. Damping torque hinges are a versatile and useful option for applications where smooth and controlled movement.