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The magnet door stopper is a magnetic fixing method applied to the inner side of the door panel. TK-4821 and TK-7421 type products can be adsorbed in a positive or lateral direction. There will be no exposed parts on the outside of the door panel, which greatly improves the overall appearance and flatness, simple and beautiful. TK-713B and TK-714B this kind of magnetic product is characterized by pushing the magnetic shaft in when the door panel is closed. When the door panel is pre-opened, press the door panel again to push the magnetic shaft out, and the door gap formed after pushing out can be pulled by fingers to open the door panel.
TK-4821 and TK-7421 sealed magnetic suction is suitable for use in clean rooms and all kinds of box equipment that need to prevent impact dust. It can solve the phenomenon of exposed magnets of traditional magnetic products and the phenomenon of dust falling after long-term use. If installation design is required for suggestions, please contact us or join the official Line ID:@yoeshin to inquire immediately.