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An adjustable clamping lever also known as an adjustable clamp handle or adjustable lever handle, consists of a lever attached to a threaded rod or bolt, along with a clamping mechanism such as a cam or lever arm is a mechanical device used to secure or clamp objects in place ideal for applications where frequent adjustments or changes are required, such as in machining, woodworking, assembly lines, and various industrial settings.

Uses of adjustable clamping levers include:

  1. Fixturing and Positioning
    Adjustable clamping levers are often used to hold workpieces securely in place on machine tables, fixtures, or jigs during machining, drilling, milling, or assembly processes.
  2. Quick Setup and Changeovers
    Adjustable clamping handles allow operators to quickly adjust and secure tooling or fixtures without the need for tools or lengthy adjustment procedures.
  3. Ergonomic Adjustments
    Adjustable lever handles are also commonly used in ergonomic applications, such as adjustable workstations, machine guards, or fixtures where operators need to easily adjust the height, angle, or position of components for optimal comfort and safety.
  4. Temporary Fastening
    These levers can be used for temporary fastening or holding applications where a more permanent fastening method is not required, such as securing covers, panels, or access doors.