Electronic Lock System. Swing Handle
Product No : EMS-864-8-71



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Operation Process

IP65 RoHS Right and Left Side Opening

  • Material:Base and Handle made of Zinc Alloy,Lock Cam and Electrical Box made of Stainless Steel
  • Surface Treatment:Base and Handle-High salt-spray resistant black finish, Lock Cam-Electrolysis Finish
  • Operating Voltage:DC12V
  • Operating Current: ≦0.3A
  • Power Consumption: ≦3.6W
  • Handle Strength: ≦600N
  • Handle Torque: ≦30N.m
  • Supplied with product specification manual
  • Operating Environment:
  • Temperature:-40°c ~ +60°c
  • Humidity:5 ~ 90%
  • Altitude:-60m ~ 4000m
Item NoSPECRemark
EMS-864-8-71 Mechanical Lock Cylinder.On-Off Control Standard
EMS-864-8-71P Mechanical Lock Cylinder.On-Off Control.Padlock attached Custom
EMS-864-8-76 Mechanical Lock Cylinder.DO Control Custom
EMS-864-8-79 Electronic Lock Cylinder.DO Control Custom

Remarks: Mechanical lock cylinder and electronic lock are optional. Please read the instruction manual before use.