Torque Hinge
Product No : CL-209-2R



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External Hinge RoHS

  • Constant Torque Position Control Hinge.Countersunk Type
  • Material: Body-Zinc alloy、 Pin-Stainless Steel
  • S.Tr: Black powder coated
  • Invariable resistance torque
  • Application for IT equipment, test equipment, telecommunication equipment, outdoor cabinet
  • Available in different torque strength within the range of 12kg/cm〜47kg/cm
  • Product Life: 20,000 cycles

PAT NO.M359579


Item NoTypeTorque
CL-209-1R-L Thread-stud ± 15%
CL-209-2R-L Countersunk
CL-209-1R-S Thread-stud ± 15%
CL-209-2R-S Countersunk
CL-209-2R-M30 Countersunk ± 15%
CL-209-2R-M20 Countersunk ± 15%